Syna provides the physically challenged with dignified sanitation facilities through production of portable toilets which comes with a toilet support


Our main goal is to make our toilet available for the physically challenged and the aged. We also target the sick who cannot walk to the restroom and campers who may use the toilet but without the commode.

Convenience: Portable toilets provide a convenient way of accessing a bathroom anywhere whether it is in a private or public place to construction workers, crowds at outdoor events and people who are dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Comfort: Our toilet is comfortable when compared to facilities that are currently available. These group of people no longer have to use buckets and old plastic seats with holes cut in the middle and in the worst-case scenario, crawl inside the washrooms.

Cost Effectiveness: Our portable toilet is cost effective mainly because it is made from locally available materials.

Dignity: Our toilet brings back human dignity to our users. They no longer have to use dehumanizing methods such as crawling inside washrooms and the helpers of those using buckets no longer have to see the content they are emptying that sometimes even splashes on them.


We are committed to improve the quality of life by fulfilling our clients’ safe sanitation needs.


Syna envisions “An Africa in which each individual has access to water, sanitation and proper hygiene.”


  • To participate in achieving SDG 6 by providing adequate sanitation facilities to the vulnerable and to ensure there is inclusivity in water and sanitation.
  • Promote a more WASH aware community by educating and training the community on Water and Sanitation.