Our Services

We offer excellent professional services tailor-made to solve challenges in your environment. Our experts offer solutions that help you achieve full success in your project tasks.

Consultancy Services

We guide organizations, communities and individuals in designing inclusive facilities or retrofitting their existing sanitation facilities to make them inclusive. This could involve suggesting cost-effective modifications and adaptations as well as creating bespoke designs to meet your specific sanitation needs.

How we work with you
1. We assess your needs and requirements taking into account your mobility issues and any challenging conditions.

2. Based on your needs, we will offer our expert advice, design for you a new bathroom that is practical, safe, and easy to use, and help you choose specially selected products to fit your needs.

3. We will take care of every aspect of the installation of the bathroom and show you how everything works.

Community Empowerment & Development

Our collaborative approach engages local organizations and communities, fosters education, and amplifies community voices.

We do this through:
● Inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene sensitization and training

● Disability sensitization training

● Partnering with organizations and communities to develop awareness campaigns and advocacy strategies

● Corporate Social Responsibility