The Utulav Toilet – A glimmer of Dignity in Sanitation

The simple everyday process of defecation is one we don’t give much thought to especially because it comes with minimal or no challenges to us. For the physically challenged what may seem to be a simple process can pose a challenge in terms of sanitation, dignity, and perhaps accessibility.

Providing reliable and dignified sanitation to every human being on Earth is one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 6, for the year 2030: to “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”. Giving every single person on the planet safe access to a toilet is at the heart of that goal.

Syna embarked on a journey deep-rooted in restoring dignity to the physically challenged and out of this drive and passion the Utulav Toilet was born.

The complete Utulav Toilet
The Utulav Toilet without the frame

Designed with the goal of accessibility, portability, and sanitation in mind: The Utulav toilet meets the standards and goes above and beyond to satisfy the needs of its users. Read More

The Utulav was tested through a 6-month pilot program and all the feedback and input not just from the users but the caregivers and the community was put into great consideration in the final design of the product.

Gey yourself an Utulav Toilet today at 30,000 Kshs

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