Utulav Toilet

The Utulav toilet is a portable toilet designed to improve lives and eliminate the indignity suffered by the elderly, the sick, and the physically challenged when it comes to sanitation

Story behind the product

The idea to develop the Utulav toilet was born following a conversation between the Syna team and a parent of a mobility-challenged child. The team took the experience to heart and worked to devise a solution to assist not just this one person, but countless others living similar experiences every day.
Utulav is built with precision to guarantee durability and to ensure that quality results are achieved and the product is comfortable for the user.
We work tirelessly to help elevate the lives of the physically challenged and the elderly. We are focused on restoring dignity and improving their sanitation practices

KSh 24,000.00


The Utulav toilet support frame has wheels to aid in movement. Utulav has a compact design and can be disassembled with ease. It is light to facilitate easy carrying and movement.


Fitted with a backrest, arm rests and foot rests, Utulav is set to give you the comfort desired when utilizing it. It helps solve a critical problem for our users but is also designed with specifications to match their need levels when it relates to comfort and use.

Good Health

Our toilet has an easy disposal system to ensure the waste can be disposed safely and in a hygienic manner reducing interaction with the waste and promoting hygienic practices. Additionally it is fitted with an air tight valve to ensure there is no odor released from the waste.


The Utulav toilet is designed to provide ample privacy, allowing users to have a personal and discreet experience. This consideration is crucial for fostering a sense of respect and dignity, as users can comfortably use the toilet without feeling exposed.

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