Wash Collective Club

WASH collective is a school club that fosters creativity and innovation in children. It employs Human Centered Design to inspire early WASH career and entrepreneurship. Early WASH integration helps students understand their surroundings better and find solutions to arising problems.

Our Program

We run a module based program spanning 5 modules to be covered in a span of 2-3 Months leaving the rest of the year for solution development and implementation.

The purpose is to develop and maintain "WASH-Friendly" schools with safe, healthy settings and enough hygiene and sanitation facilities to make students healthier and more attentive learners. Since less than half of the world's schools are expected to have clean water and sanitation, the issue has worsened.

Contaminated water, in adequate sanitation, and poor hygiene practices raise the risk of diarrheic and other WASH-related infections, making it more difficult for children to stay in school and gain empowerment through education. WASH Collective club goes beyond educating you about the problem to allowing you to be apart of the solution.